Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome and a little about Flipdish

    • Course introduction

    • Course Agenda

  • 2

    The Customers Order Journey

    • How your customers can order

    • Your customers order flow

    • How to accept orders

  • 3

    The Flipdish Terminal

    • Setting up your Flipdish Terminal

    • Accepting an order with your Flipdish Terminal

    • Rejecting an order with your Flipdish Terminal

    • Refunding an order with your Flipdish Terminal

    • Cancelling an order with your Flipdish Terminal

    • Hiding and unhiding Menu items using the Flipdish Terminal

    • Open and close store via terminal

    • Connecting or Resetting the Wifi network on your Flipdish Terminal

    • Resetting the Flipdish Terminal to factory settings

  • 4

    The easy to use Flipdish Portal

    • Logging in & the portal homepage

    • How to view and accept orders

    • How to process refunds

    • Customer Management

    • How to edit your opening hours

    • Pre-Order Management

    • How to guide - Order Throttling

    • How to edit your delivery zones

    • Customise your website and app design and layout

    • How to access your End of Day Report

  • 5

    Customising your Menu

    • How to make simple menu changes

    • How to add Menu Options/Extras

    • How to add Chefs Notes

    • Uploading Images to your menu

  • 6

    Getting ready for Go-Live

    • Adding a bank account

    • Flipdish Payout Schedule

    • Setting up an Apple developer account & giving Flipdish access

    • Go-Live Success Checklist

    • How to get help

    • Frequently Asked Questions about the Transition Process

  • 7

    Additional Flipdish Features

    • Customers can also ordering using self-service Kiosks

    • Contactless Dining with QR Code Order & Pay

    • Flipdish Phone Marketing Explained

    • What you need to know about Campaign Management

    • How to create and view vouchers

    • Push Notifications Explained

    • Flipdish's Mobile App

    • What is a Flipdish Point of Sale integration?

    • An Introduction to Flipdish Managed Marketing

    • 3D Secure

  • 8


    • Your Feedback