Course curriculum

  • 1

    How To Get Off Just Eat And Deliveroo

    • Leaving Marketplaces - Introduction

    • Why leave market places?

    • How we can help and Steps for Success

    • See how our customers did

    • More Revenue: Grow your business

    • What you can do to prepare for the transition

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Getting Started

    • Make sure your online ordering and mobile app experience are as good as possible.

    • Work as hard as possible to get your customers to download your app

    • Take back control of your Google Ads and Google Business Pages

    • Do some marketing

    • Prioritise Direct

    • Keep watching your direct orders go up

    • Going The Whole Way

  • 3

    The Finishing Touches

    • Let's Talk About Delivery

    • What Happens When You Leave Marketplaces?

    • A Final Word

  • 4


    • Feedback

  • 5

    PDF Version

    • PDF Version