Course curriculum

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    Flipdish Phone Marketing Sales Enablement

    • What is Flipdish Phone Marketing?

    • Example of a phone marketing recording (Irish accent)

    • How to view stats

    • How does it work?

    • FPM Flow - EU/UK vs Non EU clients

    • How to request FPM for a new client

    • How to request FPM for an existing client

    • Required Documents for FPM

    • EU Regulations

    • Where to find the FPM number

    • Telephony config page

  • 2


    • The Elixir website and the apps don’t display the store number anymore. Why?

    • COPs told me the FPM is enabled, but when testing the number, I receive / hear nothing?

    • My EU / UK client wants FPM but using a custom voice recording. Can I request this?

    • My client wants to edit the text message. Can we do this?

    • Customers are complaining that the FPM does not work. They are not being redirected to the store from time to time…

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    • Assessment - 75% Score Required

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    Additional Resources

    • Additional Resources

    • Customer facing Education Content

    • Your Feedback