Course curriculum - Watch time 40 minutes

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  • 1

    Course introduction

    • Overview of the Point of Sale

  • 2

    Placing Orders

    • How to place an order for dine-in or takeaway

    • How to place an order for collection

    • How to place an order for delivery

    • How to split payments / bills by payment type

    • How to split payments / bills by item

    • How to issue a staff meal

    • How to create a discount voucher

    • How to redeem a voucher

    • How to cancel a sale

    • How to refund a sale

  • 3

    Cash Register / Till Management

    • Opening your Point of Sale and starting a session

    • How to open the cash drawer

    • How to log a petty cash expense on your Flipdish Point of Sale

    • How to end your day and close a session in your Point of Sale

  • 4


    • How to use the upselling report

    • How to search using the date range sales search

    • How to use the Till status report

    • How to use the Today's sales report

    • How to use the driver sales report

    • How to get an overview of active sales

  • 5

    Staff management

    • How to clock in and out of your shift

    • How to apply for time off/holidays

    • How to check your weekly rota

  • 6


    • Solving an order ingest issue with Flipdish powered website or app

  • 7


    • Your Feedback